Core Values

Mission Statement

KAustin & Associates has been formed to create a company that will be owned by its employees. We believe employees empowered to make decisions, set goals, and define opportunities will be more likely to better serve the clients.

Vision Statement

We see our clients as our third responsibility.  Our first responsibility is our relationship with God, then with our family and then with our client. We believe that this order is the correct order, and we feel that, if we maintain this as our priority, we will be successful.

Statement of Goals

To provide our clients more in product and service than they expected when they contracted for our service.

  • To be held to a higher standard.
  • To be a company of integrity.
  • To give back to our community and our world.
  • To maintain the trust gained over the years.
  • Most importantly, our Partners, along with our associates, give credit to God through whom all things are possible.